Saturday, 25 May 2013

farm energy

indian farms see little power, we manage anyway. kerosene lanterns light up dark nights. we blow them out at dawn. the kitchen stove is fuelled by the gas plant that processes a mix of cow dung and water. rich manure slurry runs into a pit on the side, vegetables and flowers feeding on this are so happy. the big juicer is worked by an ox harnessed to it as a bunch of sugar cane is stuck between the two metal cylinders. the juice is collected in a bucket and spiked with fresh ginger, mint and a dash of orange juice.

some of the sugar cane juice is cooked with rice to make this pudding or 'kheer'. topped with fresh cream  it is heavenly. mark, no sweetener is needed, it is perfect slow-cooked. 
written by kavita shah

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